Learn SAP from Scratch: Starting 5 Steps for Complete Beginners

Found it interesting and want to Learn SAP ERP software? That's why you are here! But you don't know how to and where to start. You don't have SAP system and the necessary know-how to start working. Here you go... This series of articles meant for people new to SAP will provide you a kind of road-map guiding your learning and fulfilling need for information and resources. To maximize benefits, try to follow these steps in sequence:

"Where your talents and the needs of the world cross; there lies your vocation." - Aristotle

1- Learn SAP software basic concepts

I will recommend you to start with some theoretical knowledge of  "What is ERP?" and "What is SAP?" from my articles for beginners. At least glance through these sections if not in detail, if you are excited to jump into it and find it difficult to hold yourself back. Being passionate about what you are doing is good and you will enjoy your work in the long run but it's just better to have a framework in your mind about what you are dealing with and have a proper background to it.

After this, I will advice you to catch a glimpse of the SAP software User Interface called "SAP GUI" and SAP Easy Access screen, which is your starting point once you log on to an SAP system. Refer my article on SAP GUI to familiarize yourself with the SAP User Interface. You don't need to do anything at this stage. Just glance through the article to get an idea of the Look and Feel of your interface with SAP software. We will discuss about how to work with your SAP system in Step 4.

2- Get SAP Server Access

After you have an idea of the basic stuff, this is the next step in your process to Learn SAP. If you have access to SAP system, you can skip this step. For others, there are a few alternatives. If you know a SAP Basis guy, he or she may help you in installing SAP software on your machine as they have access to the copy of SAP IDES system provided with SAP installation at their companies. Apart from that, there are many vendors who provide online SAP access (charged service) which you can search online. I have discussed these options in my article SAP Server: Your Access Options.

By the way, what about free access to an SAP system for starting your learning:-) You will be happy to learn that you can get one. I have mentioned about this option in my article and following the instructions there you can get your free SAP Server Access.

3- Setup SAP GUI On Your System

If you have SAP ERP system installed on your local machine, most likely SAP GUI is installed as a part of it. SAP GUI is your interface with the SAP system and allows you to work on it. But if you have remote SAP server access, you need to setup SAP GUI yourself.

After gaining a remote SAP server access, you can download SAP GUI software and install it on your PC or Laptop. SAP GUI allows you to connect and logon to your SAP server. This is how you can configure your connection to the SAP ERP System available free-of-cost discussed above or for remote access purchased online.

4- Dirty your hands: Free SAP Training

Ready to jump into action? There is plenty of material available online to learn SAP and meant for beginners in the form of tutorials and Youtube videos. But to make use of all that, you need to understand a few basic things. And that is what the below series of articles is all about!

To start with, let us delve into what you can expect and how useful it can be for you in the first part (introductory) of the Free SAP Training. You can then proceed with the next ones in the series:

You can expect to find further articles and resources, which I will keep on posting from time to time, to continue your learning ahead. The above 3 articles provided you the basic information to acquaint and start you with SAP GUI. For any questions, you can comment on my post on Google+. I will try to answer as soon as possible. Follow on Google Plus for updates. All the Best for your learning!

5- Join SAP Community Network

SAP Community Network (SCN) is SAP social media platform around its products and solutions. SCN is one of the finest eco-system from any company. It is a place for SAP customers, partners and consultants to find information, collaborate and share the expertise. You can find blogs, articles, wikis, discussions in various forums, videos, etc. 

The advanced social media features allow you to bookmark the pages of information you like, categorically browse through content, engage in discussion with others and so on. 

I have posted more information on SCN in my article which will help you with basic features and how to get started. SCN is definitely the greatest resource not only helpful in your quest to learn SAP but indispensable as an SAP consultant or anybody linked to SAP in anyway.

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